About Us

Olympia Plaza Pharmacy has been in business since 2007 operating on the ground level of Olympia Medical Plaza across the street from the Olympia Medical Center. It is owned and operated by Tatiana Borokhovich, RPh as an independent Pharmacy. Tatiana is a licensed pharmacist in California since 1997. Her husband, Emil Borokhovich, has been a Registered Nurse since 1992 and a Family Nurse Practitioner since 1995. Together as a professional team they have always been focusing on excellence in Healthcare while providing the best service. The couple takes special pride that they don’t simply fill prescriptions, but rather developed a comprehensive system to actively manage each customer entire pharmacy needs. Their way involves collaboration with your physicians and insurance companies to ensure proper and expeditious processing of your medication. This personal approach to each of our customers is what sets our pharmacy apart from the rest. Our vision for personal care is shared across the company to ensure that all of our customers are well looked after.

What are customers say:

“I’ve been going to Olympia Plaza Pharmacy for 3+ years now and have not found a more accommodating, friendly, or knowledgeable staff in the greater Los Angeles area.” Bill H.

Our staff is here to serve you.

We specifically hire knowledgeable and friendly staff to ensure that we always deliver the best customer experience. When you come to our pharmacy you are more than just a number or a prescription, we make sure you feel it when our paths connect. Whatever your needs may be we are always here to help.